What’s The Biggest Mistake You Made On A First Date?

What’s The Biggest Mistake You Made On A First Date?

First dates are filled with wonder and excitement -- until you do something wrong. Then they're not so fun. What is the biggest mistake you've ever made on a first date?

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So many things can go wrong on a first date it's no wonder they're nerve-wracking. Maybe you called them by the wrong name, or forgot it completely. Maybe you showed up late, forcing them to wait for you -- even though you're usually very timely. Maybe you went for a kiss at the wrong time. Or maybe you spilled your drink on their nice, new clothes, and it left a horrible stain. It can be anything big or small! So let's hear it Lifehacker. What's the biggest mistake you've ever made on a first date? Tell us in the comments below, and be sure to mention how you tried to recover and whether you were successful or not.


  • I took my date to watch “Underworld” when it came out because i really wanted to see it. So Im loving the blood and gore, vampires and werewolves tearing each other apart she on the other hand is literally climbing out of her seat and getting anxious, covering her face with her hand.

    So the moral of the story is go watch a chick-flick or her choice. Never watch a movie on the first date.

  • Didn’t say yes to going back to her place after a nice dinner… she didn’t talk to me after that? I wanted her to think a was a decent guy in for the long haul, clearly she thought differently.

  • Flossed teeth before arriving to pick up date. A strand of floss got caught between teeth. Reached in with finger and thumb to pull it out. Instead grabbed lip and pulled out a chunk of my bottom lip.

    Arrived at her place bleeding profusely.

    Despite this inauspicious start we are still together after 26 years. I also still have a sensitive area on my lip.

  • A mate decided to take a girl to this new movie called South Park everyone was talking about… You can guess the rest.

  • I went on a first date to the beach. She picked me up and asked if I had any sunscreen. I said I would go have a look, although given my skin colour I often don’t bother with sunscreen but I grabbed a tube from the bathroom.
    After the beach date she was red raw and burnt. What I thought was sunscreen was just a vitamin E cream tube that looked like sunscreen, felt like sunscreen and smelt like sunscreen. I didn’t look at the tube until after that debacle.

    Went out with her for a year after so clearly trying to roast her wasn’t a dealbreaker

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