This Week’s Top Downloads

Every week, we share a number of downloads for all platforms to help you get things done. Here were the top downloads from this week.

How to Upgrade to iOS 10 Right Now

This Week's Top Downloads

iOS 10 is arriving next Tuesday, but if you have the patience of a teenager, don’t worry, it’s possible to upgrade to iOS 10 right now.

Windscribe Is a Combination VPN and Browser-Based Privacy Suite

Windows/macOS/Linux/Android/iOS/Chrome/Firefox: The best VPNs encrypt your data and protect all of your communications from prying eyes. The best browser-based privacy tools keep you from being tracked behaviorally based on the sites you visit. Windscribe is a utility and service that does both in one package.

PiBakery Dramatically Simplifies Setting Up the Raspberry Pi

This Week's Top Downloads

Windows/Mac: Installing and setting up a vanilla version of the Raspberry Pi’s main operating system, Raspbian, is easy enough. If you want to do more with it, like set up custom software to run on boot, or connect to a Wi-Fi network, it’s a bit of a pain. PiBakery simplifies all that dramatically.

AUTOsist Is a Free App to Track Your Car’s Maintenance Records, Fuel, and More

This Week's Top Downloads

Android/iPhone/Web: Keeping track of all the various details about your cars, whether it’s service records, receipts, or whatever else, can be a bit tough. But if you’re sick of just stuffing all of that into the glove box, AUTOsist is an app that manages it all for you.

Navbar Apps Customises the Android Navigation Bar, No Root Required

This Week's Top Downloads

Android: Android’s open nature is brilliant, but some things can’t be tweakedwithout rootingor installing Xposed. One of those elements was the navigation bar of Home, Back, and Recents button, but Navbar Apps just changed that.

DeskDock Controls Your Android Device With Your Computer’s Keyboard and Mouse

Android/Windows/macOS/Linux: There are a lot of awesome ways to access the files and apps on your Android phone from your PC. DeskDock takes it a step further by simply treating your Android device like it’s connected directly to your computer.

Pastebot Is a Versatile Clipboard Manager for Mac and It’s Currently Free In Beta

This Week's Top Downloads

Mac: Over the years, dozens of clipboard managers have popped up and most do one simple thing: store a history of what you copy and paste. Tapbot, developers of the popular Twitter client Tweetbot, have a slightly different idea with Pastebot.

ReachOut Is a Social Support Network for People With Mental and Chronic Illnesses

This Week's Top Downloads

iOS/Android: If you have a health condition that you can’t really talk to friends and family about, ReachOut is an app that provides a social support network to help you cope. It aims to turn those well-meaning but hollow “Are you ok?” questions into “I’m here for you. I understand.”

Manage Your Mac’s Power Settings With Amphetamine

This Week's Top Downloads

Mac: If you need to keep your computer awake until certain apps or processes are finished running and you don’t trust the built-in energy management settings, you can use the boldly named Amphetamine 3.0 to keep your Mac on under whatever circumstances you require.