How The Chips In Your Credit Cards Actually Work [Infographic]

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You probably use your chip credit card on a daily basis. But have you ever stopped to wonder how it works? This infographic illustrates the basics and explains how it differs to ye olde magnetic stripe.

The infographic below comes from the US online loan marketplace Lending Tree. It compares the newer chip technology to magnetic stripes on the back of your card and breaks down the transaction process for both methods. For a more detailed run through you can check out the accompanying blog post below.

This Infographic Breaks Down How Chip Credit Cards Work

[Via Lending Tree]


    probably one of the MOST unhelpful infographic i have ever seen..... I was really hoping this was more in-depth and technical or is that kind of information confidential? it can't be TOO private if ALL the banks are doing something similar. Would of been nice to describe what cirus is ,etc.

    Last edited 28/09/16 11:07 pm

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