This Aussie Coffee Has 80 Times More Caffeine Than An Espresso

Sometimes, a regular cup of Joe doesn’t cut the biscuit. That’s the reasoning behind a new Australian coffee that purportedly contains 80 times more caffeine than a shot of espresso. (Naturally, it comes with a string of health warnings.)

First spotted by The Bro Bible, this alarming new beverage is the brainchild of the appropriately named Viscous Coffee cafe in Adelaide. Dubbed “Arse Kicker iced coffee”, the chemical brew has 80 times more caffeine than a shot of espresso and 50 times more than a cup of regular coffee.

A single serve contains four espresso shots, eight 48-hour brewed cold drip ice cubes and 120ml of 10-day brewed cold drip. Each cold drip ice cube contains over two shots of espresso. This works out to over 20 shots of espresso in the ice cubes alone.

To put the above into perspective, a regular coffee contains approximately 95mg of caffeine per shot, whereas the Arse Kicker iced coffee packs in a ridiculous five grams of caffeine per serve. Apparently, this is half the “lethal dose” for humans. Yikes.

You’re obviously not supposed to scull this toxic varnish remover in a single sitting. Instead, it’s intended to be consumed over 12-18 hours of “up time”. Needless to say, patrons are advised that they order the Arse Kicker at their own risk. A warning on the menu reads:

“Seriously, if you suffer from high or low blood pressure and/heart conditions, we suggest one of their other amazing styles!”

We’ve been known to order a double shot of coffee on Monday mornings, but this seems insane to us. Would you consider imbibing this monster? Has anyone dared to try it? How did it make you feel? Let us know in the comments!

[Via Business Insider]

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