The Countries With The Cheapest And Most Expensive Flights

The Countries With The Cheapest And Most Expensive Flights

Flight prices have been lower than they have been in a long time, and some places have even better deals than others., a flight comparison site, released data ranking the countries with the cheapest and most expensive flights.

They analysed more than a million flights from 75 popular tourist destination countries. From there, they ranked prices according to domestic and international flights. They explain their general methodology:

We took into account domestic and international flights from 75 of the world’s most frequently visited countries, calculating an average ticket cost per 100/km of travel, using on- and off-season flight costs for over a million journeys. The research included a clear split between low cost and legacy airlines to reach a conclusive country to country price index.

Among the cheapest countries overall were India, Malaysia, Russia and Portugal. India was the cheapest, with an average cost of $US3.25 ($4) per 100km. The United Arab Emirates had the most expensive flights at an average cost of $US105.71 ($139) per 100km. Finland came in second for most expensive, at an average of $US50.98 ($67) per 100km. Australia was the 12th most expensive, with an average cost of $US35.69 ($47) per 100km.

Kiwi’s ranking tool allows you to sort by international and domestic flights, too. China had the cheapest international flights and Canada had the most expensive. Of course, the data is going to vary depending on where you’re flying to and from, but it offers a decent glimpse of prices in different destinations in general.

Here are the 10 cheapest countries overall, along with the average cost per kilometre.

  1. India: $US3.25 ($4)
  2. Malaysia: $US3.78 ($5)
  3. Russia: $US5.88 ($8)
  4. Portugal: $US6.71 ($9)
  5. Indonesia: $US6.84 ($9)
  6. Azerbaijan: $US6.93 ($9)
  7. South Africa: $US7.33 ($10)
  8. Algeria: $US7.67 ($10)
  9. Philippines: $US7.76 ($10)
  10. Sweden: $US8.06 ($11)

And the 10 most expensive overall:

  1. United Arab Emirates: $US105.71 ($139)
  2. Finland: $US50.98 ($67)
  3. Qatar: $US50.37 ($66)
  4. The Netherlands: $US42.35 ($56)
  5. Japan: $US41.48 ($55)
  6. Canada: $US38.71 ($51)
  7. Belgium: $US38.07 ($50)
  8. Denmark: $US37.86 ($50)
  9. Austria: $US36.91 ($49)
  10. Switzerland: $US36.84 ($49)

To check the tool and rankings out for yourself, head to the links below.

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