South Australia is Going Through A Massive Blackout

South Australia is Going Through A Massive Blackout

If you’re in South Australia, chances are you’re not reading this. Widespread blackouts across the state caused by severe storms mean that all of South Australia — anywhere not with a backup generator or an uninterruptible power supply — has gone dark.

The statewide power outage means that any mobile cell towers that are still operational will be running on battery backups or diesel generators. Many towers are already down across the state due to a lack of backup power or outages further up the backhaul network.

SA Power is telling citizens to get ready for extended outages, and to make sure they conserve mobile phone power wherever possible for emergencies.


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  • We are in the dark. Insider news is no power at least until tomorrow. If you have a neighbour, make sure they’re ok. We put on food for others and offered showers too (we are on gas, thankfully).
    SA supposedly relies on interstate for electricity. Bone-headed decision. This sort of scenario was predicated.
    Don’t forget your neighbours.
    Also, use low power mode if you have the option. In IOS, is under Settings – Battery.

    • SA is part of the National grid as is the rest of Australia, generators are Torres straight station, pelican point plus smaller renewable generators around the state.
      A nation grid is not a bone headed decision but one of the best ways to implement redundancy.

  • Last night was one of the best nights we had in ages. No devices, no TV – we actually talked to each other properly! We made sure the elderly neighbours were okay, then we cooked and ate dinner by candlelight (fortunately we are on gas), had dinner and drinks, played card and board games with the kids. We were almost disppointed when the lights came back on around 10pm.

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