RideGuru Compares The Cost Of Every Ride Sharing Option

RideGuru Compares The Cost Of Every Ride Sharing Option

It’s easy enough to open your individual Uber app, get a fare estimate then compare your prices. RideGuru compares everything in one place, though, and it even breaks down the cost to tell you how much the driver earns from your ride.

The tool isn’t just limited to Uber. It also shows other ride options in your area, like Lyft, Curb and Flywheel if you’re in the US, or even a regular taxi. Testing it for a trip within the Sydney CBD only brought up Uber and taxi options, but RideGuru also compares all the different ride options you have with each individual service, like UberX, UberXL and so on.

Even better, though, the tool breaks down the cost of each ride, showing how much you pay in fees. It also tells you how much your driver will earn for your ride.

RideGuru uses its own algorithm to estimate prices, according to the Washington Post, so it’s not guaranteed to be accurate. Founder Ippei Takahashi told the Post that the formula includes “many factors and variables, such as distance, duration, traffic patterns, urban density, potential driving speeds, historical fares”.

Using the tool is simple: Just enter your origin and destination, and your options will populate. To try it for yourself, head to the link below.

RideGuru via The Washington Post


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