Rejoice! Pizza Shapes Are Back! Back!! BACK!!!

Rejoice! Pizza Shapes Are Back! Back!! BACK!!!
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It’s a glorious day to be a Shapes fan. After having its reputation verbally machine-gunned into tatters, Arnott’s has quietly dusted itself off and returned the original Pizza Shapes back to supermarket shelves. That’s right ladies and gents: the Pizza Shapes you loved and lost are back from the dead.

Forget the iPhone 7 and PlayStation 4 Pro — today’s most important news headline is the return of the original Pizza Shape.

For the uninitiated, Arnott’s controversially replaced the original Pizza Shape recipe with a new formula back in April. The response from consumers was almost universally negative. (You can read out own thoughts/rage-induced apoplexy here.) To put it incredibly mildly, the “new and improved” version wasn’t very good. One Twitter user memorably likened the texture and flavour to live ants.

Thankfully, the biscuit boffins at Arnott’s have finally seen sense. Pizza Shapes are making a triumphant return from the ashes.

“In response to popular demand, Australia’s beloved Original Pizza Shapes will return to supermarket shelves this September,” the company explained in a statement.

“Since the launch of the New Shapes flavours, we’ve been listening to feedback. Aussies have clearly shown us the love they have for Original Pizza Shapes and we’re happy to announce the product will be returning to shelves over the coming weeks. We’ve been humbled by Australia’s passion for Shapes and would like to thank our fans for their patience.”

According to Arnott’s own sale data, Pizza is the third most popular Shapes flavour after Barbecue and Chicken Crimpy. We imagine this took a bit of beating since the flavour swap, which helps to explains the hasty about-face. Whatever. We’re just happy to have Pizza Shapes back in our lives.

Apparently, the vile new version will continue to be sold alongside the vastly superior original — so pay close attention to the packaging! Similar to Original BBQ, the only Pizza Shapes worth eating will have a distinctive black stripe on the edge of the box, like so:


  • It’s probably going to be like the Original Flavour BBQ shapes. My local supermarkets don’t stock them, they only have the cloying tomato and sugar “improved version”.

    And that means I’m going to be stuck with the Molasses and Vomit pizza flavour until the use-by date on the “Improved” taste shapes is passed.

  • Be nice if we could get back cheese and bacon in it’s original form too… tried the new ones… absolutely foul. Shame. Good news with pizza back though.

  • Be warned that “original flavour” means “we will use the original flavourings”, NOT that the crisp will be just like it used to be.

    We Chicken Crimpy fans have been subjected to a more chemical-tasting, differently-textured crisp since the changeover. I used to eat a couple boxes a week. I bought one box of the new ones, ate about a third of it, sat it on my desk, and then a couple weeks later, tossed it out because I hadn’t it touched since then. I haven’t bought any of the new formula ones since. Oh well, it has removed some joy from my life, but at least it’s saving me a few kilojoules.

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