Prepare For Your Allergies Before Hay Fever Season Starts

Video: Today is the first day of spring, which means the first day of suffering for those of us who have hay fever. If you're thinking of getting immunotherapy to help with your symptoms, now's a good time to get treatment. Allergy immunotherapy can involve getting shots or taking tablets or drops under your tongue. It's meant to desensitise you to your allergens, but this approach takes time. Dr David Lang of Cleveland Clinic explains in the video above that you should start taking the tablets before allergy season starts.

Ideally, you'd have started even earlier than now, but sooner is better than later.

How You Can Start Preparing for Spring Allergies Now (Video) [Cleveland Clinic]


    I didn't watch the video, but it's worth noting that the therapy is about 50℅ effective, expensive, and inconvenient (weekly visits to the doctor). I did it for a couple of seasons, and while it reduced the symptoms for a while, it wasn't a silver bullet.

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