Make A Mini Super Nintendo Emulator With A Raspberry Pi Zero And Clay

If the Super Nintendo has a special place in your heart, you can now create a pint-sized version of the retro console using a Raspberry Pi Zero and some clay. Read on to find out more.

Over at Rated-E Mods' YouTube channel, Hugo Dorison, also known as lyberty5, has detailed how he made a miniature SNES. To get the project going, you'll need a Raspberry Pi Zero, a thin plastic sheet, emulator software, a USB hub and some clay.

You'll need to cut up the plastic to make a case to house the Raspberry Pi Zero and the USB hub. If you had a 3D printer, this process would be a lot quicker. Then you need to mould clay on the outside of the case.

The entire process is laborious, but the end result is well worth it if you're a Super Nintendo super-fan (...guilty). I'll be trying this project when I have a weekend free.

You can get the complete instructions from the video above.

[Via lyberty5/Motherboard]


    would be awesome project if you could find a seller that actually has pi zero's in stock :(

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