Make A Better Mint Julep By Rubbing The Glass With Mint Leaves First

The mint julep is a refreshing cocktail comprised of bourbon and mint, here’s an easy tip for making them even better. All you need to do is give your glass a minty rubdown.

Photo by Brenda.

When you go to take a sip of a cocktail, your sense of smell and taste are already working before your lips even hit the glass. In fact, aroma can have a huge effect on how good a cocktail tastes. That’s why a skilled bartender will twist a citrus peel over a mixed drink or hang a wedge on the side of the glass. To make a mint julep taste as good as possible, Keri Smith, the head bartender at Doc Crow’s Southern Smokehouse & Raw Bar in Louisville, Kentucky, suggests you do a similar thing with mint. Give your fresh mint leaves a smack, then rub the interior and exterior of the glass with them. Doing this will make the mint’s oils last longer, so every sip is filled with a strong minty aroma. Oh, and don’t forget to use perfectly soft crushed ice.

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