Make A Better Meal Plan By Bullet Journaling

Make A Better Meal Plan By Bullet Journaling

Unless you don’t frequent the internet very much, you have probably heard about bullet journaling, an organisational tool that is basically a to-do list, planner and diary all in one. It can help you keep your life in order, but it can also be used to plan your weekly meals. Photo by Blaineattacks.

As with bullet journaling as a whole, there’s no “right” way to do it, but the link below has a ton of examples showing how people use it to plan their meals, make grocery lists and even keep track of their budgets. I love this one, which uses Post-It notes, letting you move repeat meals from one week to the next.

My new meal planning system. I got the idea from I wanted a reusable system so I didn't have to write out a meal plan every week. I adapted it to suit me in that I will write out fresh post it notes rather than move them back and forward to another page and I also wanted to sort my food out by type. After picking meals and writing out the shopping list, I can peel the list off, and replace with a fresh one. I hope you like it! #bulletjournal #bujo #bulletjournaljunkies #bujojunkies #leuchtturm1917 #berry #planner #planning #planninglife #plannercommunity #cursive #faux calligraphy #calligraphy #journal #journalling #rydercarroll #weeklyfoodplan #mealplanning #organised #organisation #postits #postitnotes #reusable #shoppinglist #food #weeklymealplan #organisedlife #planneraddict #weeklyshop #funwithcolour @postit

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Though a lot of these are really beautiful, remember that your bullet journal doesn’t have to be a Pinterest-fanatic’s dream to be useful. Just laying out your meals ahead of time with a simple schedule and grocery list can streamline the whole process, making eating at home that much easier.

How Do You Use Your Bullet Journal to Meal Plan? [The Kitchn]


  • I just type mine into an Excel sheet. I have Sunday through Saturday across the top, then B L D along the side. I plug in what I’m cooking, colour them (eg if I’m cooking pasta on Sunday night that will be leftovers on Monday lunch, they are the same colour).

    Then underneath each day I have a list of the ingredients. The items I need to buy are bolded.

    It’s not Pinterest pretty but it works. This sheet sits in the same workbook as my budget so I can flick back and make sure I can afford what I am planning to eat 😉

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