Lovehacker: We Answer Your Questions About Relationships And Sex

Welcome to Lovehacker — Lifehacker’s Agony Aunt column where we tackle all things love and sex! Each week our resident romance guru Tegan will answer reader questions and dispense relationship related advice.

Some of us are born to be Agony Aunts.

From adolescence people started gravitated towards me as a confidant and advice dispenser. Although I haven’t always understood why, I must admit that I have rather enjoyed it. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes for the greater good is challenging, rewarding and even fun. I even started a gaming and advice podcast with a friend because we were asked so many life advice questions during Twitch streams.

One might assume that advice giving requires a great deal of wisdom. In my experience, they key elements to being an Agony Aunt are empathy, emotional intelligence and having some colourful experiences of your own. Here are just a few things I’ve dealt with in my romantic life:

  • Failed engagement
  • Gay boyfriend
  • Serial monogamy
  • Long distance relationships
  • Dating in a new city
  • Being the Other Woman
  • Pregnancy
  • Fuck buddies
  • BDSM
  • D/s Relationship
  • Falling in love for real

Perhaps people come to me because they know I can’t judge anybody given my track record. I’ll make them look better by comparison. However, I prefer to think that it’s because I learn from my experiences and can guide others in a more positive direction. The feedback has been great so far, so I must be doing something right.

So here I am — your Lovehacker. Let me be the co-conspirator who helps steer you through the murky, and oftentimes contradictory, world of modern love and sex.

If you have a question you want to have featured on Lovehacker, you can drop a comment below or email [email protected].

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