Keep Milk From Scorching With An Ice Cube Or A Little Water

If you need to simmer some milk for homemade yogurt, a creamy sauce or even some hot cocoa, you can keep the milk from scorching and sticking to the pan with this simple trick. Photo by star athena.

Scorched milk affects the flavour of whatever you're making, and it sticks to the pot making it really difficult to clean. The next time you go to simmer some milk on your stove top, Melissa Clark at The New York Times Cooking Blog suggests you rub an ice cube over the inside bottom of your pot first. You can also rinse the pot with a little cold water (leaving a little bit of the water in the bottom). If you keep the milk to below 93C and stir the milk occasionally as it heats, you shouldn't have any scorching problems.

Creamy Homemade Yogurt [New York Times Cooking Blog]


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