It’s Worth Getting To Know Your Boss’ Boss

It’s Worth Getting To Know Your Boss’ Boss

Having an good relationship with your manager can play a key role in your career growth, but it’s worth getting acquainted with whoever is managing your manager as well. Getting to know your boss’ boss can help you get ahead. Here’s how.

Your boss’ boss is somebody who knows the vision of the organisation and is somebody who is helping set the strategy. Getting close to this person will give you more insight into the company’s future. If they become a fan of you then it will likely increase your chances of getting a promotion, a raise or be considered for the next great project.

But where do you even begin to develop a relationship with your boss’ boss? It’s a delicate exercise given that you don’t want to appear to be going over the head of your current manager. According to Harvard Business Review (HBR), one of the best ways to get closer to your superiors is to be seen and heard in the organisation:

“If your boss’s boss is giving a lunch talk or a town hall meeting, go to it. Sit in front. Ask questions. Continue the conversation in the hallway.”

You can then ask them questions that are based on seeking advice. For example, you can ask them to recommend a book that will help you improve your understanding of a topic relevant to the business. This allows your boss’ boss to show that they are knowledgeable and is a great way to build rapport. It also not overtly sycophantic so it’ll be less likely to offend your current manager.

You can find more advice on how to get chummy with your boss’ boss over at HBR.

[Via HBR]


  • Better hope your boss is a good one before doing something like this… I’ve had bosses who resent this kind of things. It has just as much potential to be damaging to your career…

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