If You Love Tech, You Need To Pull An All-Nighter Tonight

If You Love Tech, You Need To Pull An All-Nighter Tonight

It’s not often that two major technology manufacturers hold a product launch on the same day — but that’s exactly what’s happening tomorrow morning. First, Apple will unveil its latest wares — including the iPhone 7 — at its 2016 keynote in San Francisco. Then, Sony will unveil its new super console, dubbed PS4 Neo, in New York City. If you care about consumer technology, this is definitely worth staying up for.

We can blame Apple for parking its keynote on the same day as Sony’s Neo reveal — the Cupertino-based tech giant only announced the timing of its event this week. Thankfully, the events are scheduled a few hours’ apart, so hopefully you won’t need to stream both simultaneously.

Apple’s 2016 Keynote begins September 8 at 3am Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). You can also watch the official Apple livestream here. For more information on watching the event live in Australia, check out our in-depth guide.

Following hot on the heels of Apple’s iPhone 7 event will be Sony’s press conference where we should get our first official glimpse of the Neo and Slim consoles. It’s scheduled to start at 5am AEST. You can watch the live stream via PlayStation’s LiveCast link or by following the announcements on the PlayStation AU Twitter page. (You can find more information here.)

It’s been a long while since a tech event has enticed us to wake up absurdly early outside of work demands. We think you’ll agree that this double-pronged event should be worth it. In fact, we might just not go to bed at all. Who’s with us? [A note to Adelaidians: the Viscous Coffee cafe now sells iced coffee with 80 times more caffeine than a shot of espresso. Hop to it!]


  • Yeahhhhh I’ll be fine to wake up tomorrow morning and read the highlights…

    Android/Xbox One user here ;).

    shots fired

  • *zing* I love tech too, I also like getting value for money. Apple does not offer this, never have never will. Their marketing however is top notch great at getting people to buy into the illusion that they have a superior product when it’s really just a pretty exterior with sub-par tech within.

    Apple have basically backed themselves into a corner with their premium branding and fear of self cannibalisation. They refuse to put touch screens on their laptops because they don’t want to destroy their ipad market, so instead they released the ipad pro a sub par device no one wanted to compete with the surface pros.

    I liked when apple were actually innovative because it makes the entire market better but they really have fallen on flat feet in recent years and are purely focused on pushing the limits on what they can charge for sub-par devices in a pretty chassis.

  • You know your life’s taken a sad turn when you’re getting up early for product launches.

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