How To Cure Jet Lag Naturally [Infographic]

How To Cure Jet Lag Naturally [Infographic]

If you frequently travel overseas for work, your friends probably envy your “glamorous” lifestyle. The reality is lonely hotel rooms, tedious stopovers and cursed, never-ending jet lag. If your travels abroad leave you feeling endlessly exhausted, you need to try these nine natural remedies.

The infographic below comes from Candadian the travel website Expedia. It offers nine drug-free solutions to combat jet lag; from taking a cold shower in the evening to investing in ‘re-timer’ glasses. It also recommends that you do nothing if the trip is a short one. Good to know.

[Via Expedia]


  • When I went to America I found that by forcing myself to stay awake when I got there and sleeping at the normal time for the timezone there I woke up the next day feeling fine.

  • Two more:

    1. Deliberately switch to your destination time zone as early as possible. Either on the flight if very long (e.g. more than 16 hours transit) or before leaving.
    2. Take melatonin – again use to “force” the switch to the destination time zone

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