'Hot Tub' Meat Before Grinding For The Safest DIY Burger Patties

You probably know that the best way to get super juicy burgers is to grind your own meat, but some attention must be paid to safety, particularly when it comes to harmful pathogens. Photo by Brad Greenlee.

When dealing with a hunk of meat, bacteria and pathogens are going to be hanging out mostly on the surface. By grinding the meat, you mix the outside with the in, and all of those pathogens getting mixed in as well. Luckily, there is a very elegant solution to this problem: Give your steak a little bath.

Just dip the steak in boiling water for 20 seconds (which will kill any pathogens on the surface), dry and grind as usual. It will turn the outside of the meat grey, but you'll barely notice that once it's ground up.

12 Safe Ways to Make Juicy Burgers [Food 52]


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