Hopper Now Tells You When To Get The Best Price On Flights You’ll Actually Want

Hopper Now Tells You When To Get The Best Price On Flights You’ll Actually Want

Android/iOS: It’s easy enough to find the cheapest flight for your destination — there’s no shortage of tools to help you do that. The problem is, there’s usually a reason the flight is cheap: It’s a red eye, it’s a terrible airline or there’s a long layover. Hopper’s latest update tells you when to buy the flight you actually want for the best price.

Hopper’s new Watch Filters allow you to remove stops, long layovers and unbundled fares from your flight searches. From there, you can use the app to monitor your flight, and they will alert you when that specific flight is likely at its cheapest.

In a press release, the company put it this way:

Hopper has been predicting and alerting flyers when to buy the absolute cheapest flight. But for many travellers, convenience or comfort may be more important than getting the absolute cheapest flight…After you’ve set your Watch Filters, Hopper will provide a price prediction based on your specific trip and preferences. If Hopper recommends you wait to buy, simply tap the “watch this trip” button and Hopper will monitor prices 24/7. We’ll alert you when your perfect flight is a great deal.

Along with their release, they offer a couple of additional tips based on their data. For example, if you’re OK with flying with stops, they suggest filtering out long layovers anyway, because “it rarely adds a significant amount to the ticket price”. Also, those basic, unbundled fares typically only save you about 16 per cent, according to Hopper. If you have to pay for your carry-on or drinks, keep in mind, that’s going to offset your already meagre savings. The update is available for Android as of yesterday and, according to Hopper, it will be rolled out for iOS “shortly after”. Check out the updates at the links below.

Hopper [Google Play
Hopper [Apple Store]

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