Hide Your Valuables In This DIY Secret Compartment Shelf

This DIY floating shelf pops open to reveal a secret compartment where you can hide away anything you like for easy access. Here’s how to build one of your own.

In this video, YouTuber Grant Thompson gives you step-by-step instructions for building your very own “Stealth Shelf,” where you can stash anything from keys to valuables to weapons inside. To get started, you’ll need 1.22m of 4-1/2″ hardwood emboss crown moulding, 1.22m of 1/4″ by 1″ hardwood emboss rope, and 1.22m of some basic 1″ by 12″ board.

You can find all of that at your local home improvement store. You’ll also need some magnetic locks, overlay hinges and access to a workshop and woodworking tools. This project is fairly extensive and too long to quickly explain here, but once it’s all put together, you’ll be able to pop open the hidden compartment by placing a special magnetic key in the right spot on the shelf. You can check it all out at the link below if you’re looking for a great weekend project.

How To Make the Stealth Shelf! (Homemade Concealment Shelf) [YouTube]


  • Make a “stealth shelf” to illegally store your handguns.
    Shouldn’t you have checked firearm storage regulations before reposting this article?
    Really, this compulsion of lifehacker to believe that Australia is just another state of the U.S. has to stop. Republishing articles from the U.S. without checking to see if they are relevant to Australia is just bad.

  • Luckily for us shelves aren’t illegal.
    I personally don’t own a handgun so I would probably use it for something else, much like every other Australian because those that do own handguns know that improper storage of a firearm is illegal.

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