Google’s Hangouts Extension Operates More Like Its Own App Now


Chrome: Google has released an update to its Hangouts extension that gives it a bit of a new look alongside some new functionality.

The new version of the extension puts the design in line with the Android and iOS apps. It also makes it so the extension works more like a standalone app.

This means it will work when it’s closed, and you can pin Hangouts to your Dock or taskbar. If you used the now-defunct Hangouts app, the extension seems like a solid replacement. You can snag the update now.

Google Hangouts [Chrome Web Store via The Next Web]


  • Does it support the “Transparent UI” with chat-head-like interface like the chrome app does? If not, then I’ll stick to that.

  • My biggest issue is that it combines your accounts into one, but doesn’t allow you to choose which account you send from. I have 2 chrome profiles on my PC, work and home. I have the hangout extension for both and use to run them side by side. Now its combined them all into my home account and I cant send from my work account without going to

  • The update sucks. It’s a clunky design, while the previous app was small and lightweight. I hope they revert it

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