Eat This Much Updates, Adds Leftover Meal Planning

Eat This Much, the service that automatically builds meal plans and grocery lists for you, just updated with a ton of new features. Among them are leftover schedules so you can cook once and eat all week. The video above is a primer to the service’s features if you’re unfamiliar, but the updates are notable. The service now has built-in tools to let you allow for leftovers, so if you want to cook one big meal over the weekend, for example, and then eat from it all week, you can tell Eat This Much to serve up leftovers when you want them instead of slotting in additional meals. You can even set the planner to “efficiency” mode, which will try to minimise food waste based on the dishes you make and their serving sizes.

For US users, Eat This Much also now has a one-click export of your grocery list to Instacart to have it all delivered. Unfortunately Instacart only operates in the US, so Australians can’t take advantage of this new feature.

As always, a lot of the best features in the update are for premium members, but you can always try it out for free, check out the recipes available and see if the type of foods you like to eat (or your specific diet or eating plan) are available and supported. Hit the links below to read more about the update, and read more about the service.

Grocery delivery, meal prep, and more [Eat This Much]

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