Disconnect’s Privacy Pro Eliminates Tracking On iPhone And Samsung Devices, Is Free For A Week

iOS/Android (Samsung devices): Disconnect has long been one of our favourite tools for protecting your privacy online, and today Disconnect is rolling out a new mobile app called Privacy Pro that blocks trackers across your device.

Privacy Pro blocks trackers inside apps and in your browser of choice. In doing so, it promises to cut bandwidth and speed up page load times in general. It does this by routing your traffic through a VPN, which the app automatically sets up for you with a tap. It collects this tracking data so you can see what’s getting blocked from where. The Samsung version of the app also shows you which apps are the source of invasive tracking.

Privacy Pro is going to cost $US40 ($53) after September 28, but you can download it for free for the next week in the Galaxy Apps Store for Samsung devices (or by using this link on your Samsung device) or the iTunes App Store.

Privacy Pro (Free/$US40 [$53] after September 28) [iTunes App Store via Disconnect]


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