Did You Preorder An IPhone 7?

Did You Preorder An IPhone 7?

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus come out this Friday, so we’re wondering, did you preorder one?

The iPhone 7’s removal of the headphone jack marks a pretty important change in the iPhone’s ecosystem that’s certainly going to drive some people away. But that new camera on the 7 Plus sure does look nifty. , So, let’s hear it, do you care about the loss of the headphone jack? Did you order one anyway? If so, which model and why?


  • I couldn’t care less about the headphone jack. It seems that most people complaining wouldn’t buy an iPhone anyway.
    Regarding pre-ordering, nope.

  • I ordered one. I swore i wasn’t going to, but i did.

    I have thousands of $$$ invested in quality headphones (shure, sennheisser, oppo) and the lack of headphone port was a major block. But i looked at the adapter cord and wasn’t too bad. And the reality is since i got my earin cordless buds on kickstarter i have been listening to most of my music wirelessly at work (I have a pono and Oppo PMS if i want serious listening)

    Add to that 3D touch (which i love in my wife’s 6S) and better camera i decided to take the plunge

    Although if there is no movement on my Iphone 6 sale on ebay soon I may just cancel………

  • I haven’t used my headphone jack in ages, I use my EarPods, AirPlay or Bluetooth. I agree with the reasoning of removing the jack to save space, seal better against water and dust and push wireless technologies.

    Apple also offers a 14 day return policy for all of their products if you aren’t satisfied, at which point Apple staff happily process a refund and listen to your feedback.

  • Nope no pre-order. New headphone jack is inconvenient but I have moved mostly to bluetooth. The wired headphone is mostly just backup.

  • I did, but it was about 8pm so I have to wait ‘2-3 Weeks’ 🙁
    I don’t care about the headphone jack and I’m looking forward to giving the new wireless airpods a go as the reviews have been good and I’ve been looking for a good set of wireless headphones for a while.

  • Tried to pre-order, 256GB jet black Plus but defeated by lack of stock on the Optus website.
    Friend did the same on Telstra to have his order taken and what looked like a phone guaranteed. Only to receive an email on Monday saying that there is no stock and he will get weekly updates to when it will be available.

  • I guess Apple are just being true to the old adage that perfection is achieved when there’s nothing more to take away…

    Personally, I’m looking forward to the iPhone 8 with no home button, and the iPhone 9 with no screen. The iPhone 10 won’t have a mic or speakers, and then finally with the iPhone 11, they’ll be able to get rid of the battery.

  • Hmmm I think I may be a fanboi. When you go to the Apple Store, they show you a list of all the apple devices you own. I thought it WAS the product list!

    Yes I did preorder but my excuse is that I am leaving the country next week and wanted to claim the tax back. Sat there with two devices (apple) refreshing to get an early order in.

  • Yeah I preordered it, wait no headphone jack??? Don’t tell me I’m going to have to use that whacky Bluetooth feature that’s been installed as standard in cars for the last 10 years?!

  • Yes preorder, however got an email saying theyve posted my iphone 7 yesterday… how can that be when its release date is on the 16th?

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