Combine Butter And Chicken Fat For The Tastiest Spread Ever

Whenever I roast a whole chicken, I am most excited for two things: The skin and the fat. Not only is shmaltz a great cooking fat, it's pretty good on bread, and Chef Katie Button has harnessed its greatness by whipping it with butter. Photo by Luke Gilliam.

Like chicken salt before it, chicken butter is a glorious way to make sure that not one single part of the chicken gets wasted. To make chicken butter, Chef Button combines 1/3 cup of rendered chicken fat (the link below can walk you through the rendering process) with one cup of butter, four teaspoons of molasses and a teaspoon of salt. Whip all of that up until the "consistency reaches that of a fluffy cake frosting" and spread it on all of the food things.

Regular Butter Is Fine, Chicken Butter is Beautiful [Bon Appetit]


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