Add Fruit To Breakfast Sandwiches For A Fresh Alternative To Heavier Fare

Bacon, egg and cheddar is the platonic ideal of the breakfast sandwich, but if salty pork or cheese is a little heavy for five-day-a-week consumption, consider lightening up your morning meal with a bit of fruit. Photo by Lara604.

Apples and figs make fine companions for a hard-cooked egg with the sharpest of cheddar on an English muffin, or you could drop the cheese and pair grilled pineapple with bacon and a fried egg on toast. Oh! And don't forget the tomato which is, as you know, a fruit that plays very well with an egg on bread.

Of course, an egg doesn't have to be involved. A protein-packed nut butter with some smokey ham and a smear of good strawberry jam sounds like a glorious, salty-sweet way to greet the day. There are a lot of options. (If you need even more breakfast sandwich inspo, check out the link below for even more tasty ideas from The Kitchn.)

4 Tips to Help You Break Out of Your Breakfast Sandwich Routine [The Kitchn.]


    Man I hate tomatoes. But everyone puts them in as standard.

    Last edited 16/09/16 8:43 am

    Fruit has no place in a sandwich. End of discussion.

    Tomato, while technically a fruit, is exempt from this, as it's savoury.

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