Add Flavour To Whipped Cream With Freeze-Dried Fruit

Add Flavour To Whipped Cream With Freeze-Dried Fruit

Homemade whipped cream is already delicious, but adding fruity flavour takes it to the next level. Use freeze-dried fruit to pump up the flavour of your whipped cream and add colour all at once.

Image from Vicky Wasik.

Any type of freeze-dried fruit (cherry, raspberry, blueberry) works. In your food processor, grind together the freeze-dried fruit and sugar until they form a powder. Stir in the cream and pulse until it’s the consistency of Greek yogurt. Freeze-dried fruit adds stronger flavour to your cream than fresh fruit or essential oils, so this is a great option for when you want that fruity flavour to shine. For a savoury cream, use freeze-dried vegetables, and if you prefer, grab dried fruit and pop it into the freezer to make your own.

3 Ingredients, 5 Minutes: Vibrant, Fruity, Super-Stable Whipped Cream [Serious Eats]

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