Would You Outsource Buying Socks For $12 A Month?

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Footcardigan is a subscription service that provides monthly novelty sock deliveries for the princely sum of US$9 per month (AU$11.87). Geared towards the so-called "convenience economy", the service doesn't even let you choose the designs. No really.

On-demand products and services are all the rage these days, but socks are arguably a bridge too far. After all, it's something you can just toss into your grocery trolley whenever the need arises. Then again, the same can be said of razors which have proved exceedingly popular in the on-demand delivery market via services like Oscar Razor and Dollar Shave Club.

So how does it work? For US$9 a month, Footcardigan will send you one pair of "delightfully unique socks" which skew on the wacky side of the spectrum. As mentioned above, you don't actually get to choose the sock designs yourself. Curiously, the company sees this as a chief selling point:

Even more delightful? You don’t get to choose what pair you get! Think of it this way: you get to play the sock lottery and win every time. Our scientific sock selection process guarantees an instant conversation starter will always be conveniently located just below your knees.

You can choose between Men's socks (sizes 7 to 13) or Women's socks (sizes 5 to 10.) So there's that.

What do you reckon? Is the convenience of having 12 random socks delivered direct to your home worth approximately $140 per year? Let us know in the comments.



    There was an Australian version of this called Sockify. $12 got you three pairs of socks (I opted for a variety of sports, tradie and business socks).

    Don't think it exists anymore though :(

    We've truly hit peak stupidity.

    Those are pretty expensive. I just buy holeproof brand socks, been using them the last 10 years, so far still comfy to wear.

    "Our scientific sock selection process..." Really? REALLY?

    Talk about being a buzzkill, I think this looks awesome!

    Don't see what the fuss is about. Plain socks from Coles are $15, so yeah, I wouldn't mind getting a package every month on my desk...

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