Viennetta On A Stick Is Coming To Australia

Viennetta On A Stick Is Coming To Australia

Around a week ago, an Instagram photo of a single-serve Viennetta on a stick sent Australian dessert lovers into a frenzy. The buzz on social media was quickly picked up by media outlets and more photos of the miniature ice cream were uncovered. Sadly, this adorably retro concoction turned out to only be available in China. Well, it turns out Facebook and Twitter are good for something after all: Streets Ice Cream has confirmed it is looking to bring the Viennetta on a stick to Australia. There’s going to be party in our mouths and it’s 1980s themed. Huzzah!

The Viennetta on a stick has been available in overseas markets for quite some time. We’ve seen online photos dating back as far as 2005. For whatever reason, it’s taken this long for the product to explode on social media in the West and Streets has taken notice.

“The reaction to Viennetta on a stick from Australians has been unbelievable,” Streets Ice Cream’s marketing director Anthony Toovey told Huffington Post. “It has clearly tapped into the deep love many of us have for this party classic. With so many clamouring to try such an ingenious addition to the range, it would be wrong of us to ignore.”

So when will you be able purchase a Viennetta on a stick in Australia? Streets has yet to announce a release date, but we reckon just before summer is a pretty safe bet.

In the meantime, the company is inviting Aussies to make DIY versions using a regular-size version of the dessert and Paddlepop sticks. (Apparently, the most inventive creation will win a free trip to Shanghai with a mate in tow — more details here.)

Usually, “on a stick” food reinventions are a bit shit but we have high hopes for the Vienetta; if only for the in-built nostalgia. Look out for the obligatory taste test the moment this bad boy hits our shores.

[Via The Huffington Post]


  • They fiddled with Vegemite.
    They buggered Shapes.
    They screwed up Pringles.

    But by the gods, Streets are going to give us Viennetta on a stick! The world isn’t completely stuffed after all.

      • They started putting them in a smaller tube while simultaneously increasing the price. Apparently we have been getting American sized tubes and now we will get Asian sized tubes instead. At a higher price. Nice one.

  • I worked in fast food in the 2000s, and we used to sell Vienettas in our store. They would ‘go missing’ from the weekly stocktake on a fairly regular basis. There’s just something about the crackly chocolate and the ice cream together that makes them amazing.

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