Vaya Has An Unlimited Mobile Phone Plan For $16 A Month

Vaya Has An Unlimited Mobile Phone Plan For $16 A Month

Vaya has unveiled a new unlimited text and talk mobile plan for $16. The Amaysim-owned telco claims this is the cheapest unlimited mobile plan in Australia. Here are the details.

Earlier this year, Vaya introduced a ‘Price Beat Guarantee‘ for all its mobile plans in a bid to get more customers on-board. This month, the telco has ramped up competition further by bringing out a $16 unlimited standard text and talk plan to supplant it’s $20 offering. The closest competitor plan is the $16.95 one by Kogan, which also has unlimited text and talk with 1GB of data.

But if you sign up on a 12-month contract with Vaya, the $16 plan drops down to $14 a month. The catch is you have to pay it all upfront (total cost $174).

Vaya uses the Optus 4G network while Kogan uses Vodafone 4G. Vaya is also introducing a Power Plan that costs 18, which bumps up the data cap to 1.5GB with $650 talk credit and unlimited text.

Here’s a breakdown of Vaya’s offerings:

Mobile Plans Power Plan Unlimited S Unlimited M Unlimited L Unlimited X
Month-to-month price $18 $16 (previously $20) $22 $26 (previously $28) $36
12-month price $204 (equivalent to $17/month) $174 (equivalent to $14.50/month) $240 (equivalent to $20/month) $288 (equivalent to $24/month) $396 (equivalent to $33/month)
Included data (billed per KB) 1.5GB 1GB (previously 1.5GB) 2GB 3GB 7GB
Included standard national talk and text $650 talk with unlimited text Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

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  • might be cheaper plan by one or 2 dollars, but aldimobile has telstra network and cheap international call rates. also cheap “call as you go” rates with realistic call fees. (if you get charged $1/min and have $650 free of calls, you have effectively 650 min ~20min a day. At standard rates of 12c/min you would need only $78 to cover for the same time. Why should I not take unlimited calls instead?)

  • Protip – it’s not worth it. I’ve used 5 or 6 different carriers, and Vaya was the worst by a considerable margin.

    Don’t do it, guys.

  • Hi Tazza

    Could you please advice from your experience which mobile phone provider in the range of less tan or equal to $20/month has the 1300 numbers free call and is better than others.

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