Use Airline Points To Pay For Flights If You May Need To Cancel

Use Airline Points to Pay for Flights If You May Need to Cancel

Not all flights are refundable, so if you're booking travel and you're not 100% sure of your date, you'll want to buy a ticket that comes with the ability to change or cancel. Problem is, those tickets can be pricey. Zach Honig of The Points Guy suggests an alternative: use your airline rewards miles instead.

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Guest writing at TravelZoo, Honig explains:

One of the greatest advantages of redeeming miles for a flight is that you can often change or cancel the trip entirely for a relatively low fee. And if you cancel your award, you'll usually get your miles back. If you cancel a nonrefundable paid flight, however, you're probably out of luck.

It's something to consider if your travel dates aren't set in stone but you need to book sooner rather than later. For more tips on when to use your rewards miles, head to the full post below.

The 5 Times You Should Use Your Miles Instead of Paying Cash [TravelZoo]


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