Turn Popcorn Into A Super Savoury Treat With Some Soy Sauce Compound Butter

Popcorn is the perfect food to munch on because it's easy to make and it can take on so many different flavours. If you want a savoury, umami-packed snack, a little soy sauce in your popcorn butter is all you need. Photo by kenzie campbell.

Over at Food52, Posie Harwood has found the secret to evenly distributing savoury flavour in your big bowl of fluffy popcorn: Mixing up a savoury compound butter. Just melt about two tablespoons worth of butter in a saucepan, then whisk in one tablespoon of soy sauce. Pour the mixture over your already popped popcorn, then shake it all up to cover it evenly.

The saltiness of the soy sauce should balance well with the richness of the butter, and you don't need to add extra salt (unless you want to). For some extra flavour, Harwood suggests adding some Sriracha to the butter as well, and topping it all off with garlic salts.

A Smart, Umami-Laced Trick for Making Buttered Popcorn Even Better [Food52]


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