Top 20 Most Complained About Businesses In NSW

Top 20 Most Complained About Businesses In NSW

NSW Fair Trading has just launched its Complaints Register to document which businesses in the state have received the most complaints each month. It has released its first lot of results for the month of July. Some notable companies on the register include Apple, Foxtel and Harvey Norman. Find out which companies topped the list.

NSW Fair Trading is the government agency that assists with resolving complaints from consumers against unfair or unethical trade practices of businesses. The objective of the Complaints Register is to motivate businesses to provide better customer service, according to the agency. In the last financial year, NSW Fair Trading received over 50,000 complaints.

When a business receives over 10 complaints, it will be recorded on the register. Real estate chain LJ Hooker took topped the list followed by retailer Harvey Normal and budget airline Air Asia.

Only complaints considered by Fair Trading to have been made by a real person, relating to a real interaction with a business, will be included. Here’s the full list of the top 20 companies on the register:

Company Number of complaints
LJ Hooker 31
Harvey Norman 29
Air Asia 25
Ray White 23
Zoxoro 23
Sensis Pty Ltd 20
Raine & Horne 19
Android Enjoyed 18
First National Real Estate 17
The Good Guys 16
Apple 13
Foxtel 13
Groupon 11
Value Basket 11
Flight Centre 10
Get Qualified Australia 10
Grays Online 10
Huxley Homes 10
Lucas Homes NSW 10

It should be noted some of the businesses on the lists are franchises and the register aggregates complaints made against individual branches.

You can find out more about the type of complaints that each business has received over at the NSW Fair Trading Complaints Register page.

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  • Interesting to see so many real estate agents on there. Most of the complaints seem to be about rentals too.

  • I think this might be a bit misleading. Without knowing how many complaints as a percentage of customers we could be looking at a company with 11 complaints out of 10,000 transactions versus a company with 2 complaints out of 10 customers.

  • I agree that the report could be skewed and give a false impression. Big difference between a company that has 10 complaints out 10,000 transactions and one that has 10 complaints out of a 100 transactions. Also is this based purely on complaints made or complaints that have been upheld? We all know that sometimes customers can be unreasonable as well and put in a complaint that turns out to have no merit. I work in a customer service industry and we try to do the right thing not just under consumer law but to help the customer, sometimes however it is almost impossible to keep everyone happy.

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