Top 10 DIY Skills That Aren’t As Hard As You Think

Top 10 DIY Skills That Aren’t As Hard As You Think

We feature a lot of do-it-yourself projects here at Lifehacker, but often they seem undoable because they require a skill you don’t have. Thankfully, there are quite a few DIY skills out there that are much easier to learn than you think. Here are our 10 favourites.

Title photo by 3355m (Shutterstock).

#10 Coding

Night School lesson on learning to codemaking your own websiteputting together a Chrome extensiontackling your first coding projectmove onto something bigger

#9 Working with Electronics

create a house of the futureput together your own ambient lighting setupthere are simple how-to comic books forgetting started with bothmaking your own electronics with Arduino and someone else’s codeneed

#8 Sewing

littlefix size issues in an otherwise perfect shirt

#7 Auto Maintenance

list of car repairs that anyone can do themselves, despite their abilitieswhen you see the check engine light

#6 Home Repair

filling a hole in the floorhow to unclog a drainImage: Sharon Pruitt

#5 Cooking

10+ dishes and drinks everyone should know how to make at homehow to eat healthy when you hate cookingyou can still enjoy great food without blowing a lot of money

#4 Photo Editing

got the basics of photography downlearn the basics of Photoshop Night Schoolyou can do all those things in the free, cross-platform Gimp as wellphotoshop

#3 Building A Computer From Scratch

our Night School on how to build a computer from the ground up

#2 Jailbreaking/Rooting Your Phone

the 10 best root-only Android appshow to remove manufacturer-installed junk like Carrier IQsuperguides for both Androidand the iPhonea whole host of information on what to do after you’ve jailbrokenrooted

#1 Emergency Preparedness

a 72 hour emergency kita strategically placed phone

Got any easy, useful DIY skills we forgot to mention? Tell us about them in the comments.


  • It’s funny I can do all of those but the only one I never actually do is code. In fact I haven’t coded anything since Uni. It’s one area where I can never justify the effort required to implement something – when it’s highly likely I can find someone who has already done the work for me and for free. I choose to blame the internet for making me a lazy geek.

  • The “coding” part of “coding” isn’t that difficult. It’s spending the prerequisite 12 hours reading up on all the different frameworks, libraries, APIs, services that you need to know to get anything done now days that’s the hard part.

    • Absolutely, it’s takes seconds to articulate your thoughts as an algorithm, and hours to implement. I really like Autohotkey for this reason, it puts an idiot proof wrapper around commonly used and useful windows APIs.

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