These Tasty Salads Get Even Tastier Overnight

These Tasty Salads Get Even Tastier Overnight

When I took a lunch to work, I was never the type of person who could prep it the morning of. This limited my workday lunches to things that wouldn’t get gross sitting in the fridge overnight, so I assumed salads were pretty much out. This was incorrect.

Photo by Geoff Peters.

There are actually a ton of salads that can chill from dusk ’til dawn, and there are a few that get even better with an overnight stay in your refrigerator. Sturdier greens are a pretty obvious choice, but don’t overlook grains, beans and even cucumbers. Grain-based salads, like this tasty quinoa and blue cheese number, use that extra time to soak up whatever tasty dressing they’re hanging out in, making for an intensely flavoured lunch. When making a cucumber salad, think of it like a tasty bowl of little pickles and build from there. I don’t know about you, but but smashed cucumbers with a little sesame oil and rice vinegar sounds pretty divine. Top that with a little chicken and slice some avocado on that, and you have one tasty lunch.

5 Summer Salads That Get Better Overnight [Epicurious]

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