Taste Test: McDonald’s Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Burger

Salted eggs might sound disgusting to you, but it’s a commonly eaten food in Asian countries. For the uninitiated, this delicacy is made from soaking duck or chicken eggs in brine then preserving them with salt. I personally love salted egg yolk (the gelatinous egg white, not so much) so when I saw McDonald’s was selling the Salted Egg Yolk Chicken in Singapore, I jumped at the chance of a taste test. Here’s my verdict.

In Singapore before, the McDonald’s fast food chain over there suffers from an identity crisis. Along with the usual Maccas menu items, it also sells a lot of fried chicken products which are very similar to what you can find at KFC. Its strange obsession with fried chicken has resulted in some interesting releases, including the “Shiok” range. From what I understand, “shiok” is slang in Singapore for something that brings you joy.

The range consists of two chicken burgers and spicy chicken nuggets. I opted for the ‘Zhng-ed’ Up Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Burger, for obvious reasons.

I had high hopes for the burger; salted egg yolk coated king crab from Chinese restaurants is downright delicious. It’s hard to describe the exact taste of salted egg yolk but here’s my take: it has a subtle salty flavor with a fatty yet powdery texture to it.

I was optimistic about the ‘Zhng-ed’ Up; it’s hard to go wrong with McDonald’s chicken burgers. The picture of the burger looked so damn appetising as well, with a layer of golden salted egg on top of a generous piece of fried chicken sitting on a bed of luscious lettuce and enveloped by perfectly toasted sesame buns.

But if you’re familiar with our Takeaway Truth series, you’ll know that the final product rarely looks like the picture. This was definitely the for the salted egg burger. Just look at it.

Where do I even begin? The whole thing looks like an insipid mess; the lettuce is old and the chicken looks like a lumpy piece of afterbirth. Also, why is there a piece of fried egg in there? That wasn’t in the picture at all. The salted egg yolk has been relegated to the bottom layer of the filling. It’s so watery that it was dripping out.

This is my salted egg yolk nightmare.

Okay. So it’s not the prettiest burger. But what about the taste? It can still taste good, right?

I bit into the burger and the first thing I noticed was that the fried chicken was super juicy, which I enjoyed. But I am really not a fan of having a fried egg in my burgers and it added nothing to the ‘Zhng-ed’ Up. I could barely taste the salted egg yolk as well, which is sad because it was meant to be the focal point of this burger. The rest of the burger didn’t taste remarkable either.

Well, at least the curly fries were good.

Taste Rating: 5/10

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