Sydney Airport Found A New Way To Charge Cars For Picking Up Domestic Passengers

Sydney Airport Found A New Way To Charge Cars For Picking Up Domestic Passengers

Sydney airport is changing where drivers can pick up passengers for free at the domestic terminal in September, turning the current 10-minute parking zone between the T2/T3 terminals into a “priority” pick-up that will cost a minimum of $4 for 15 minutes, charged to your eTag. The new free pick-up zone will move east, a 500m, 8-minute walk to the P3 car park.

The changes come into effect on September 13, nearly two months later than the originally planned date of July 19, after the changes were first announced in May.

The priority pick-up zone will also be used pre-booked taxis and ridesharing services such as UberX and GoCar. Cars staying after 15 minutes will pay $8 for 15-30 minutes in the priority zone.

Sydney Airport says the new arrangements provide greater choice, more space and improved convenience for anyone picking up passengers and come after “an extensive consultation process” for the “passenger-focused solution”. They’re also introducing a one-hour free parking option at the Blu Emu car park, via a free shuttle bus.

Parking general manager Craig Norton said the new free pick-up arae offers 700 undercover spaces, and the increased 15 minutes time limit gives people an extra five minutes of free parking.

“We have also introduced new pick-up zones to accommodate pre-booked commercial operators, including ridesharing services, in response to passenger demand,” he said.

The small, existing free space, which has less than 50 spaces, was often over-crowded from the moment it was introduced a few years ago as part of continuing changes to parking arrangements at the airport. Drivers often stopped right in the middle of the road, rather than parking, to pick up passengers, leading to additional queues.

The airport said it developed the new arrangements as a solution to the introduction of ridesharing services, which can now make pickups at the airport.

There are no changes to taxi ranksoutside the terminals or accessible pick-up spaces at T2/T3. There is also no change to express pick-up at T1.


  • This is a little misleading. It is only about 150m further than the current 10-minute pick-up point and can be walked in about 2 minutes more than what is now available. It’s also far bigger and undercover.

    • And it will still take ride share cars and family just as long to get there as cars will queue in essentially the same lane.

  • lol this is what happens when a bank owns an airport … macquarie bank to be precise … lol finding ways to make money and telling people they have GREATER CHOICE … haha ridiculous train access fees … ridiculous parking fees … deliberately making the signage confusing so they can charge airlines for being delayed waiting for passengers and pay fines … lol told to me by someone who works for the airport lol

  • I’m a photographer and regularly travel alone with lots of equipment. Ever try getting to the Express Pick up area with a couple of trollies laden with equipment and extra bags? What was once a relatively pain free and manageable experience has now turned into a literal nightmare for me every time I fly. I’ve also seen the elderly near collapse on a hot day trying to hike to the pick up area dragging their bags. Would be happy to pay for nearby convenience but that’s just a joke.

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