Six Signs Your Interview Is In Trouble

You’ve already cleared the first hurdle by landing the interview. You have all the skills, experience and grit to do the job — and do it well. Now all that’s left to do is snag the role. Before you get too confident, take a note of these interview fails and stay on track for a much deserved offer.

You’re late: Unless something terrible has happened on the way, there’s absolutely no excuse for being late for a job interview. In fact, most potential employers will immediately write you off as a bad investment if you are.

The interviewer can’t get a word in: It’s easy to start waffling when you’re nervous, so make a concerted effort to be concise and to the point — or risk alienating your assessor completely.

If the interviewer stops paying attention… and keeps glancing at a clock, stops taking notes, or seems generally uninterested — it’s time to take emergency action. Try asking if you’ve provided all the information they need and if there are any more details you can offer to help get the most out of your interview.

You take a call during the interview or your interviewer does: Either way is the height of rudeness and disrespect. If it’s you, don’t expect a call back. If it’s your interviewer, ask yourself if you really want to work for someone who takes this approach.

You feel like you’ve joined the cast of Survivor: If your interview has become an all-day marathon with no clear meal, drink, or toilet breaks — this is usually a sign of what your work life with this company will entail. Unless you’re trying out for the army, is it really worth it?

There’s no talk about the next step: If your interview is winding down and you haven’t been asked about this pertinent issue, don’t be afraid to take the first step yourself and ask, “What comes next?”

Don’t forget:

  • Don’t be late!
  • Stopping to take a call is rude
  • Inattention is a bad sign
  • Don’t dominate the conversation
  • Ask what comes next

This article first appeared on The Naked CEO

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