Make Group Gifting Easy With Group Together

Here’s a nifty app that aims to take the pain out of grouping a bunch of people together to do something special for someone. Whether it’s a party or a gift, you can direct people to the Group Together app and it’ll handle all the boring stuff.

If you’re the one who gets appointed the job of keeping track of who’s paid and who hasn’t for the office farewell party, this’ll make your life a bit easier. Group Together will keep track of who has paid, send reminders to those who haven’t, and will also take care of any RSVPs that need recording.

The catch isn’t too big a deal — the app will take a small cut from each transaction. For bank transfers, it’s 3%. For Visa or Mastercard, it’s 4%, and for Paypal, it’s 5%. So, a little more than the cost of a transfer you’d normally be paying, but perhaps the important thing is these fees are naturally spread out amongst everyone taking part. If you really don’t want to spend your time chasing up those stragglers who haven’t paid, the benefit becomes worth it. The organiser can decide whether these fees are added onto the transfer, or simply taken out of the amount transferred.

Friends can also add photos and messages to an e-card if you want, and there are a few decoration templates to choose from when inviting people. At the end of the time period, the money is transferred to the organiser. Though the term “organiser” now sounds a bit lofty and grand for clicking through a few options on an app.

Check out Group Together here.

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