Make Better, Brighter Bread Crumbs By Grating In Some Citrus Zest

Make Better, Brighter Bread Crumbs By Grating In Some Citrus Zest

Bread crumbs may not seem like the sexiest thing you can make in your kitchen, but this humble ingredient adds both texture and flavour to every food it touches. To make them extra bright and tasty, mix in some citrus zest.

Photo by Rooey202.

If you think about it, this is a perfect marriage of two things you were going to throw out — I mean “compost” — anyway. Stale-ish bread makes for a great crumb, and lemon rinds depleted of their juice still have so much to give. To utilise both of these potentially-forgotten foodstuffs, finely grate the zest and mix them into your toasty, crumbly, bread-y mixture. Use these so fresh and so bright crumbs on pork chops, radicchio salads, summer corn casseroles, open-faced tomato sandwiches and crispy fish fillets. (And anything else you think would benefit from a good crumbing.)

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