Killer Interview Question: What Is Your Favourite Pump Up Song And Why?

Killer Interview Question: What Is Your Favourite Pump Up Song And Why?

What song gets your blood pumping? Is it Eye Of The Tiger? Is it the Pokemon theme song? This week’s KIQ wants to find out.

Music can elicit strong emotions deep within us. There are songs that inspire and motivate us to be the very best. That’s why you’ll see many athletes with headphones plugged in before they’re about to compete in their respective sports.

So what does this have to do with interview questions? Well, Salesforce senior vice president for global recruiting Ana Recio likes to ask prospective employees this question: “What is your pump up song and why?”

She leads a global team of around 350 people and hires more than 8000 workers a year so she knows a thing or two about asking the right interview questions.

The pump up song question isn’t just for small talk; Recio uses this question to find out more about the interviewee.

“It may seem like just a fun icebreaker, but how they respond also allows you to get a deeper sense of them and if they might be a good fit with your company’s culture,” she said. “… Creating and maintaining a strong culture is a top priority for today’s companies that wants to attract and retain the very best talent and asserting cultural fit is an important aspect of the interview process.”

So what’s your pump up song and why? Let us know in the comments.

[Via Business Insider Australia]


  • Darude, Sandstorm.

    It is impossible to be lazy while listening to Sandstorm 😛

  • The State of Massachusetts – Dropkick Murphy’s

    Upbeat tempo, a great instrumental track and not hard to sing along to if you need it.
    Very recently pumped me up enough to get back on a motorbike after a minor spill.

  • In “animal house” a hippy song made James Belushi smash a guitar. Is that the kind of blood pumping anger you want?
    If so, then anything by Justin Bieber makes me want to run screaming from the room.

  • Honestly, nothing gets my blood pumping like some good metalcore.

    Bleeding Mascara – Atreyu
    Gravedigger – Architects
    Deliver Me – Parkway Drive
    Rose of Sharyn – Killswitch Engage

    Then, the interviewer would give me a funny look, and I’d just say AC/DC’s Thunderstruck.

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