Jazz Up Frozen Hash Browns By Transforming Them Into Crab Cakes 

Jazz Up Frozen Hash Browns By Transforming Them Into Crab Cakes 

Frozen hash browns aren’t exactly a meal unto themselves, but the good folks at The Kitchn have figured out five different ways to make them fancy and filling.

Photo by Emily Leung.

If you’ve ever bought a bag of frozen hash browns, you know that there’s usually a bit leftover after breakfast. Any of the recipes below would be a great way to use up the excess, but the one that really grabbed my attention was using the gluey, starchy nature of the defrosted shredded potatoes as a binder for delicious crab or fish cakes:

Simply cook the hash browns in a hot skillet until just thawed, about 5 minutes. Then transfer to a bowl and let cool to the touch. Use your hands or the back of a fork to press the hash browns until they take on a mashed-potato smoothness. Add cooked and flaked (or chopped) seafood to the bowl (or your veggies). Add in spices and herbs, mix until combined, and then form patties. Fry in a shallow pan of oil until brown and crispy, about five to six minutes per side.

This would obviously work great with crab meat, but I think this would make a truly excellent salmon croquette.

5 Ways to Make a Meal Out of Frozen Hash Browns [The Kitchn]

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