How To Mirror Android's Notifications To Windows 10 Using Cortana

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update drops today and one of the coolest features deserves a little special attention. Now, you can mirror your Android notifications from your phone to your computer, and even control it with a few voice commands. You just need the Cortana app. Google Now is pretty sweet in its own right, so you might not have bothered with installing Cortana, but now there's a compelling reason. As of today's Anniversary Update to Windows 10, Cortana comes with the built-in ability to mirror your Android notifications, as well as notify you of important things like missed calls, incoming messages or a low battery. To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Install the Cortana Android app from the Play Store.
  2. Login with the same Microsoft account you use in Windows 10.
  3. Once Cortana has loaded, slide out the left-hand navigation panel and tap Settings.
  4. Tap Sync notifications.
  5. (Optional) Here you can disable the basics like low battery notifications if you want.
  6. Tap "App notifications sync" to enable the Android listening service if you want to mirror app notifications.
  7. Select which apps you'd like to get notifications for from the list.

Once you have Cortana set up on your phone, you can even control it remotely with a few commands. For example, on the desktop say "Find my phone" to Cortana and it will locate your phone on a map. You can also ring it remotely to help you find it. On top of this, if you search for directions on your computer, you'll get a notification from the Cortana app allowing you to look up those same directions in your map app of choice. These are some pretty nifty features that may be handy if you use Windows 10 and Android as your daily drivers.


    Not compatible with nexus 5

    Not compatible with the LG G4, what phones are compatible?

    "This item cannot be installed in your device's country"


    If the play store says it's incompatible with your device it could be because of geo restrictions. Cortana is not rolled out to many countries on android yet, USA only as far as I know. Very frustrating given cortana works great in other countries on windows 10 pc and mobile in it's current implementation but for whatever reason Microsoft are dragging their feet as usual and not realising there is a whole world outside of the USA.

    It's not the phones that are incompatible, it's the country. No support for Australia yet apparently.

    Why is this article even on the Australian Lifehacker?

    This is still quite buggy and, like many Win 10 services, a WIP.

    Have a read of the comprehensive Ars review showing where this excels and fails -

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