How To Eat Like An Olympian [Infographic]

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Olympic athletes know what's up when it comes to healthy eating: it's one of the most important demands of their profession. While they all represent the pinnacle of human ability, the diets they prescribe to are markedly different depending on the sports they play. This infographic looks at the meal regimes and nutrition hacks of ten elite athletes, from Michael Phelps (five large portions of pizza, pasta and eggs per day) to Usain Bolt (three serves of low-cal, protein-rich meats.)

People like to poke fun at so-called "fad diets". On the flip side, a tailored or unconventional regime can definitely have its benefits. This infographic from Sportsbetting Online breaks down the training diets of ten famous Olympians. As you can see, there's a lot of variation in what different athletes consume.

If you want to maxmimise the effectiveness of your diet, you should probably seek bespoke advice from a nutritionist or dietitian; just like the titans featured below.

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    No mention of the significant, and growing, number of elite athletes (Olympic and otherwise) that thrive on a plant-based, animal-product-free whole food diet?

    Last edited 17/08/16 11:48 am

      I'm ready to believe, but you'd need to list some of the most successful such athletes, so we can compare their performance to the omnivores :)


          So, I had a look through your list.

          The inescapable impression is that vegans and vegetarians are doing far worse in the past decade than any previous time in history!

          Their omnivorous competition appears to be eating them alive :P

          Let's see if the statistics can save vegeterianism, let's use the US:

          121 golds. 3.2% of the population, so:

          Name 4 vegeterian US 2016 olympic golds.
          3 makes it a failed olympic diet.
          5 makes it a superior olympic diet.

          (Yes, I know this is a small sample, run it for the whole world if you prefer.)

    I'm just wondering how Carli Lloyd manages to sneak in a whole desert as a treat.


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