How To Ditch Chrome's New Material Design And Get The Old Look Back

Chrome 52 is rolling out for both Windows and Mac today, and the first thing you'll notice is that it comes with a slightly new look. This new interface translates better on some devices than it does others, but thankfully if you're not a fan it's easy to get the old design back. Chrome 52 is all about Google's Material Design, which means the UI is a little more flat and a bunch of the icons have changed. This means tab shapes are different, icons are totally changed and the ominbox is redesigned to match the mobile apps. Good news though, if you're not a fan of the new design, you can disable it:

  1. In the URL bar, type in chrome://flags and press Enter.
  2. Search for "Material Design in the browser's top chrome" and set it to either "Non Material" to revert back to the previous interface, or "Material Hybrid" to enable a hybrid mode. We can't tell what exactly is different from the hybrid and default modes though.

With that, you can continue on your merry way, ignoring Google's newest design.


    I dont have the new look. I checked and im 52.0.2743.116 m.

      You have to enable in the flags section, mine was off by default.

    I thought this was a v53 feature - so you'll have it if you're on the beta channel

    Last edited 05/08/16 9:28 am

    Yep - on by default for desktops in 53!topic/chrome/TxpkdCvZTuM

    Thank you for this little article! I was about to ditch ugly new chrome for good.

    Love it. Thank you so much. It was driving my OCD into convulsions.

    Lifesaver. The new design was driving me nuts. I don't see how it fits with material design. It's all...line-y. It looks more late-90s than material to my eye. And that black incognito window....gah!

    whenever i press the relaunch button it doesnt change
    plz help

    I see nothing wrong with it. I love material design.

    Thank you so much!

    i dont have "Material Design in the browser's top chrome" in chrome://flags, the 2 closest things there are "UI Layout for the browser's top chrome" and "Material Design in the rest of the browser's native UI". the first one only has "default", "normal" and "touch" options which affect nothing even after selecting multiple times and restarting chrome multiple times, and the second one only has an "enable" button. SOMEONE HELP PLEASE

      I've had the exact same problem with Chrome since last Thursday. I am desperate to fix it back as the screen now makes me literally physically ill. Last time (earlier in year) when the display changed, I managed to fix it as is suggested in this article, but like you, I can't now for the exact same reason as you.
      Have you managed to find another way?? I am also very DESPERATE to fix this, because I've reverted back to Explorer, but it's so slow it drives me insane, but at least it doesn't affect me physically like Chrome does now.

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