Go Back With Backspace Brings The Backspace Shortcut Back To Chrome

Chrome: In the newest version of Chrome, Google changed the backspace key's behaviour so it no longer works as a keyboard shortcut to go back a page. Go Back with Backspace is a Google developed extension that brings that behaviour back. Go Back with Backspace does exactly what you'd expect. Once the extension is installed, the backspace key will once again send you back to the previous page. If you were bummed that this feature was removed in the latest Chrome update, now's your time to get it back.

Go Back with Backspace [Chrome Web Store]


    Remove it then provide a tool to re-add it? Sounds like even Google weren't convinced it was a good idea to get rid.

      You can't please everyone really.. Google just gives you option on which one do you prefer. For me this is a good steps. I remember that I have problem about this more than 5 times in my life

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