Find Out If Your Pet Can Fly In-Cabin With This Guide To Airline Pet Policies

Find Out If Your Pet Can Fly In-Cabin With This Guide To Airline Pet Policies

You want your pet to be as comfortable as possible (and preferably by your side) when flying, but not every airline makes their policies clear. Map Happy has compiled the in-cabin pet policy for major North American airlines as well as top international carriers into an easy to read chart. Unfortunately, most airlines don’t allow dog breeds that have a reputation of being dangerous (whether they actually are or not), including pitbulls, dobermans and rottweilers. And Qantas, Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand only allow pets as checked baggage. However, when it comes to the US airlines that service the most passengers, they’re pretty accommodating. Delta allows cats, dogs and household birds to travel with you (even on international flights) for a $US125 ($163) fee. United has the same fee, but also allows rabbits. Southwest permits your dog or cat to fly in-cabin with you for a $US95 ($124) fee, domestic travel only. Check out the full guide linked below to find out if your pet will be allowed in-cabin, what the fees are and if you can take your pet internationally.

The Go-To Guide for Pets on Planes [Map Happy]


  • stupid aussie airlines.
    id love to be able to take a pet dog to visit family interstate.

  • It’s not the Australian airlines per se, it’s the Australian government. Even the airlines who are very happy to have pets in-cabin have to make an exception for flights to/from Australia.

  • So you copied info of six airlines directly from a site that did the work for you. It’s more plagiarism than an article.

  • We already know all of this. Why not ask the gov ,why can’t we? If animals are secured and under your seat. It’s better than having your pet and yourself stressed. Plus the airlines make more money/the good way . Plus building a rapore with the australian public. I think I once heard Australians are the biggest pet owners in the world. So come on life hacker get on board, and put it out there,to the public and the gov?

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