Dealhacker: The Cheapest Copies Of No Man’s Sky In Australia

It’s the game everyone’s going to be talking about this week, but the question is: where can you get the cheapest copy of Hello Games’ space epic? We’re here to help you out.

There haven’t been any insane $59 pre-order offerings like there was with Fallout 4 or Star Wars Battlefront last year. But if you’re looking to pay a little less than the absurd $99.95 RRP, we’re here to help you out.

Good Old Games

PC: $60.14 ($US45.79)

Normally I’d bundle all of the digital retailers together, but GOG’s offering is pretty good all things considered.


PS4: $78

Not the best, but not the worst offering either. Maybe worth considering if a store is near you and you want to show your support. It’s really no different from what other Aussie retailers are offering.

Big W

PS4: $78

It’s not listed online, but you’ll be able to get the PS4 version for about the same as everywhere else. JB has some exclusive DLC, however, so that’s probably a better deal.

JB Hi-Fi

PS4: $79

Not much of a deal, but it’s looking like the best option for consoles right now. The PC version isn’t listed on JB’s website either.

Harvey Norman

PS4: $88

Nothing to get excited about here.

Online Stores

Play-Asia: $69.99 [PS4, English subtitles], $80.76 [PS4 US, PC]
G2A: $70.10
PSN: $79.95
Steam: $78.80 ($US59.99)
Ozgameshop: $77.99 [PS4]
Dungeon Crawl: $84.95 [PS4]

The G2A listing is from the marketplace, not the developer, so if you’ve been waiting to send Hello Games some money I’d suggest you find another avenue to do so. (GOG’s still cheaper, after all.) Dungeon Crawl’s based in Australia as well, but they’re importing their NMS copies from the UK. Keep that in mind.

EB Games

PS4: $99.95

Absolutely not.


If you’re desperate for a bargain and don’t mind going well off the beaten track, there are some discounts on Ebay that might be worth considering. One listing with a fairly decent rating — 99.1% positive feedback from over 12,000 reviews — is offering Steam keys of the game for $46.85. The seller is based in China, according to Ebay, and they’re also selling a whole bunch of League of Legends accounts if that’s your thing.

I’d rather put my money towards Good Old Games or a seller based in Australia. Still, if you’re strapped for cash and you’re prepared to take the plunge you have the option. (Don’t complain to me if your CD key ends up getting banned, although publishers seem pretty averse to doing that these days.)


Target, in a decidedly unhelpful move, are refusing to announce the price until the game comes out:

Thanks, Target.

Update: Kotaku has since been informed that, like others, Target will be charging $79 for the PS4 version of No Man’s Sky when it becomes available.

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