Continuous Is A Slick, Featured-Packed C# / F# / .NET IDE For iOS

iOS: An iPad might not be the apex of gadgets to program on, but there are times when convenience, portability and comfort outweigh the need for a full developer rig. For .NET coders, a slick new contender called Continuous could be the tablet IDE you’ve been waiting for.

Created by Frank Krueger, Continuous has been in the works for over six months and received its first official release last month.

The name Continuous comes from the fact that the app is “always building and running your code”, saving you from the “traditional code-build-run cycle”. It doesn’t require a network connection, with the IDE designed to run completely on your device.

Here are some of its other prominent features:

  • Full C# 6 and F# 4 compilers so you can use the latest tech
  • Automatic compiling and running so you can focus on the code and the results
  • Fancy text editor with tabs, semantic highlighting, inline error bubbles, and inline values that are updated as you type
  • Watch window enables you to view graphical objects in your app (UI and images), inspect live objects as your app runs, create instances of new objects, and call methods
  • Code completion with inline type info and documentation makes learning new APIs fun
  • Uses standard .NET file and project formats so you can share code with other IDEs
  • Includes Xamarin.Forms and UIKit to build apps and SpriteKit and SceneKit to build games. You can access many iOS APIs including CoreMotion, the Social framework, and HealthKit to read data.
  • Split screen support so you can keep documentation by your side
  • Execution powered by a new IL interpreter

While iPhone is supported, it’s hard to imagine getting anything done a such a small form factor, but it’s nice to know the option is there.

Continuous [App Store]

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