Here Are 10 PVC Pipe Hacks To Try This Weekend

PVC pipe is useful for lots of things and YouTuber Specific Love has a series of PVC hacking videos. This is just one of them. All of the PVC you’ll see here is super cheap at the hardware store.

There are 10 different uses for PVC in the video, including building an extension arm to give your hand saw a little extra reach, using a length of PVC to keep items from falling off shelves in your closet and building a quick stand to hold spools of wire, cabling or hose. But my favourite trick is using a length of half-inch PVC to run your cables through to keep them secure, hidden and out of the mouths of pets.

The whole video is worth a watch (and the description has shortcuts for each trick), but all you’ll need is the appropriate PVC and adhesive to connect the parts together. Hit the link below to check out the full video.

10 Life Hacks with PVC #10 [Specific Love (YouTube)]

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